Devel 01/09/12

  • Flag and CoA designs changed.  Decision for this made by five citizens.  
  • Major Microwiki revisions made.
  • First Theodian flag under production.  Will be owned by Axel_Nielson.

Devel 25/08/12

In Progress…

  • Added to the official ToDo list
  • Created a VYM map to assist in task-prioritization
  • Delegated tasks
  • Contact regained with the Theodian Minister of Culture, Paradox
  • GOV development back underway, this time by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Axel-Nielson
  • Enfrastructure being renovated by Kyng Sweyn78
  • Decision made to upgrade Theodian website to SiteBuilder v3.

Devel 22/08/12

  • Training program for junior diplomats (Theodians involved in the Theodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) completed by Theodian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Axel.Nielson
  • Citizen ID’s now generatable thanks to python script written by Theodian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Axel.Nielson
  • Main page revised on by Kyng Sweyn78
  • Application for citizenship revised (but not completed) on by Kyng Sweyn78
  • Theodian Minister of Culture readied to review applications of citizenship
  • Commencement of the process of Theodianization (proselytization of Theodia) of the members of Florida State University‘s Social Science and Public Affairs Living-Learning Community by Kyng Sweyn78
  • Preparations made for a soon-expected increase in Theodian citizenship
  • Kalendar revised
  • Standard units worked on

Devel 20/08/12

  • Development blog created by Kyng Sweyn78
  • Foreign Affairs policies revised by Theodian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Axel.Nielson
  • Interview on GOV found; being prepared for publication by Kyng Sweyn78
  • Chat services selected: Jabber for discretion, Facebook/Skype/Gchat for normal dialougue (the means for normal communication has not yet been selected)
  • Official governmental computer formats set by Kyng Sweyn78