Devel 01/09/12

  • Flag and CoA designs changed.  Decision for this made by five citizens.  
  • Major Microwiki revisions made.
  • First Theodian flag under production.  Will be owned by Axel_Nielson.

Devel 25/08/12

In Progress…

  • Added to the official ToDo list
  • Created a VYM map to assist in task-prioritization
  • Delegated tasks
  • Contact regained with the Theodian Minister of Culture, Paradox
  • GOV development back underway, this time by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Axel-Nielson
  • Enfrastructure being renovated by Kyng Sweyn78
  • Decision made to upgrade Theodian website to SiteBuilder v3.

Devel 22/08/12

  • Training program for junior diplomats (Theodians involved in the Theodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) completed by Theodian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Axel.Nielson
  • Citizen ID’s now generatable thanks to python script written by Theodian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Axel.Nielson
  • Main page revised on by Kyng Sweyn78
  • Application for citizenship revised (but not completed) on by Kyng Sweyn78
  • Theodian Minister of Culture readied to review applications of citizenship
  • Commencement of the process of Theodianization (proselytization of Theodia) of the members of Florida State University‘s Social Science and Public Affairs Living-Learning Community by Kyng Sweyn78
  • Preparations made for a soon-expected increase in Theodian citizenship
  • Kalendar revised
  • Standard units worked on

Devel 20/08/12

  • Development blog created by Kyng Sweyn78
  • Foreign Affairs policies revised by Theodian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Axel.Nielson
  • Interview on GOV found; being prepared for publication by Kyng Sweyn78
  • Chat services selected: Jabber for discretion, Facebook/Skype/Gchat for normal dialougue (the means for normal communication has not yet been selected)
  • Official governmental computer formats set by Kyng Sweyn78

Theodian Development Blog Launched

This blog is intended to be a place for Theodian Government officials to publish what they have finished on any given day with regards to Theodia.  It was decided to create this blog so that other micronations would know that Theodia is indeed very active, has been for quite awhile, and is making great progress in its exploits.